GigipO – eLearning App -Client location: India

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Client & problem

GigipO - Your Private Tutor is product to offer custom eLearning application. GigipO is a learning platform for everyone, everything and accessible from anywhere in the world. Classes can be taken from anywhere and anytime at you convenience.


Client was struggling with the online-streaming functions that has been developed by a team in India. There is only source-code without any handover or technical documents when the CTO left the company. CEO asked many ICT company for help but in vain, most of them were afraid of taking over what they didn’t do from the beginning.


We have launched the back-end and front-end, reviewed source-code which does not follow Node Js framework in order to figure out the issue, then we help our client to make a list of bug, redocumentation and systematize all the technical documents. Connect with our experts

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